2023 Umpire Corner

Junior Umpires

We at Hockey Marlborough are currently planning for our 2023 season.  We are looking for new and experienced umpires to officiate in our Summer Hockey Interschool Programme beginning on Monday 27th February 2023.

Summer Hockey is a fabulous way to begin your junior umpire journey as it is played in a social and relaxed environment.  Due to our Summer Hockey Competition being offered up to year 10 next year we will require the services of our wonderful team of experienced umpires to be involved again, as well as any one keen to learn about umpiring.

Hockey Marlborough will again provide the following to all Summer Hockey umpires;

  • Uniform
  • Whistle
  • Mentoring and support

Summer Hockey Structure (6aside)

  • Year 3/4 (beginning umpires) (6 aside quarter field)
  • Year 5/6 (medium/experienced umpires) (6aside half field)
  • Year 7/8 (experienced umpires (year 9 upwards) (6aside half field)
  • College (medium/experienced umpires Year 10 updawards) (6aside half field)

Due to our continued success of our junior umpire programme Hockey Marlborough has developed a structured accreditation system so all junior umpires can follow a pathway, in which if they choose can officiate at official tournaments.  Please click here for more information regarding this new system which will be introduced for our winter competition beginning in May 2023.

If you are interested in umpiring in our Summer Competition in 2023 on a Monday night, please click here to register.  Dave will then be in touch with further details.

Collge and Senior Umpires

We will be holding some pre season umpire sessions. Dates are to be confirmed but if you are interested in learning more about umpiring email office@hockeymarlborough.org.nz 

More information about officating hockey can be sourced here

Hockey NZ Umpiring Guide Book

The Hockey NZ Umpires and Officials advisory group provides a national framework and pathway to allow umpires to achieve gradings.  Combinations of theory and practical assessments are required at various stages to progress through the assessment system.

The assessment pathway allows for five separate gradings: Junior, Community Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

​​​​​​​Level 3; attendance at suitable event - Satisfactory performance achieved at NHL.NHL

Level 2; theory course - Satisfactory performance at U21, Senior tournament or Masters final.  Also, an approved local premier club final may qualify.

Level 1; theory course - Satisfactory performance at U18 tournaments, premier club match, suitable Masters or secondary school tournament match.

Community; 2 hour theory course, technical briefing or workshop - Satisfactory local/regional practical assessment between two teams playing 11-a-side hockey

Junior; 2 hour theory course, technical briefing or workshop - Satisfactory local/regional practical assessment between two teams playing 11-a-side hockey.


  • A Level 3 practical grading will only be awarded to umpires who are selected for NHL finals, and receive a satisfactory report.
  • A Level 2 practical grading may be awarded on a club game.  However, both the examiner and the game will need to be approved by the HNZUOAG.  Level 2 practical gradings will not be issued at U18 tournaments or below.
  • Level 1 practical gradings will not be issued at U15 national tournaments or below.
  • In the case of the Community or Junior grading, it is expected that a local theory course (using NZ theory exams) has been undertaken.
  • In the case of Level 2 and Level 3 practical assessments, these should be gender specific.
  • In the case of Community and Junior gradings, local Associations and regions are encouraged to run courses and conduct practical examinations under the guidance of the umpire and Officials advisory group.