Junior Coaching for Coaches Development Programme

Aim:                     Support Junior Coach development over 2 session, with more to come during the season.

How :                    By sharing resources and providing information and inspiration focusing on skill teaching and session implementation for junior coaches.                       

Outcome:           Increased game understanding and correct execution of basic skills to a high level for our junior players leading to player fulfilment. Which in turn will inspire the ongoing participation of our Junior Players and Coaches within the game of hockey in Marlborough.

Week 1 : Theory (Monday 3rd April, 6pm, Upstairs Stadium 2000.

  • skill teaching (break down of a skill and delivery)
  • correct implementation of skill
  • session planning
  • time management
  • player engagement

Week 2:  Practical Session (no participants) (Wednesday 26th April, 6pm at the turf)

  • session set up
  • drill design and delivery

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All coaches are invited to register for Hockey New Zealand's online coaching portal and complete the various coaching modules available. This online portal is great for all coaches no matter how much experience you have. Based around developing a range of coaching skills and knowledge, this interactive platform provides you with coaching theory, extensive hockey specific content, practical resources and questions to test your understanding.

All coaches will need to register online by following the instructions and selecting the appropriate module for the space you are coaching.