2021 Online Registrations

This page is for administrators of hockey at our affiliated clubs and schools.

The official Hockey Marlborough Registration form for 2021 is now available online for your club/school. For a list of clubs/schools please click here.

There are three steps to the registration process: 

1.            Register players through the player online registration form:

2.            Enter Teams in TeamBuilder.

3.            Assign Players to Teams in TeamBuilder. 

If you registered teams and players through Sporty last year, then your database of players will automatically be visible to you through your Sporty.co.nz site.  

You can email members an invitation to re-register for 2021 - see How to invite your database back to re-register, this saves people having to re-enter their details, instead they simply click on the invite link they are emailed and it opens the 2021 form prefilled with their last seasons details. 

Send a link to your form to new members - see How to create a link to your form


You can display the registration form on your Sporty website or if you do not use a Sporty website, you can display a link to the registration form from your existing website or Facebook page. You can also email a link to the registration form to players.